SC/Tetra is usability-focused software with the specific goal of easily  enabling calculation of complex geometries. It provides both automatic  mesh generation and a Wizard based interface that guides the user  through the set-up process step by step. 


 SC/Stream uses a structured mesh to provide extraordinary performance in  both meshing and computation speed. Its performance is maximized for  applications that do not require precise reproduction of fine  geometrical curvature to predict accurate flow structures. 

HEAT Designer

 HEAT Designer is a structured (Cartesian) mesh thermal fluid analysis  software designed for electronics cooling thermal analysis. It uses core  technology from Software Cradle’s scSTREAM general purpose  thermal-fluid software product. 


 PICLS is a thermal simulation tool which helps designers easily perform  thermal simulation of PCBs. Even if you are unfamiliar with thermal  simulation, you will obtain a simulation result without stress through  the tool’s easy and quick operation in 2D.